Youth Football

I currently coach youth football (ages10-14) and have recently adopted the Pistol Spread Option as my offense. Its surprising simplicity is what attracted me as a coach, but its versatility and many formations is what have excited my kids! They love to run this offense, and I love teaching it. Using veer and option as our core running plays has allowed us to become very unpredictable to other teams, yet very easy to teach and learn on our own team. Our kids loved offensive practice days because they were excited about "what we would do next". The offensive formations and schemes kept the kids interest which always makes it easier to teach and coach. The fact that so many players get the opportunity to touch the ball not only helps in keeping ALL my kids interested in what is going on, but also makes us hard to defend. In my first year coaching this offense we went 8-3 (all three loses from the same team, coached by a fellow coach who coaches this offense at the high school level) and played in our league "Super Bowl". If you are a youth coach looking for something exciting, fun, yet simple to teach this is the offense for you. I know it will be my offense as long as I coach.

Brian FoxSMYA HawksMaryland