Kids Love it!

When I took over as Head Coach at Pittsfield High School I immediately evaluated every aspect of the program. That process took me to find an offense that suited the types of athletes that I inherited and usually came to PHS. As we evaluated our players, we researched all of the different offenses that could fit our personnel.  We wanted something that would get the athletes of the school out as well as the linemen type. We looked into the Wing-T, Split-Back Veer, Double Wing and of course the Spread. As we researched it we realized that everyone else was running those offenses in our area and we needed to be different. Coming from a Flexbone background and coaching the defense on a Spread Offense team, we researched how we could combine the both. The Pistol Spread Option was the answer. We wanted an offense that had the threat of 4 vertical as well as 4 athletes who can run the ball. The PSO encompassed everything we looked for in an offense. It fit our very limited personnel and made our offense extremely dangerous. It has causes our opponents to play assignment football because of the Flexbone Option rules and we also have the advantage of the Air Raid style of Football that the kids had played in the past. Our formations shifts and movements really dictate what type of defense we will see and we know how to attack it. The beauty about the PSO is that it is a growing, changing beast. it can fit into your offensive scheme now or can be your base offense. The Pistol Spread Offense has made us very dynamic offensively and most importantly the kids love to play in it.

Brian JezewskiHead Football CoachPittsfield High SchoolMassachussetts