Clinic Session

Meeting with Coach Pratley and his staff was one of the most beneficial clinic sessions our staff has had in the last 8 years.  After meeting for only 3 hours, we have our entire offense laid out to handle any defensive situation we come across.  We approached Coach Pratley in the hopes of finding a balanced offense and we have found it in his Pistol offense.  His Pistol offense is systematic, and efficient no matter what the defense.  It allows you the flexibility to change your offense each year depending on your talent.  The offense is very adaptable; attacking every area of the field so the defense can’t key on a single formation.   The line rules are easy and consistent so you don’t have to spend a ton of time game planning each opponent.  The best part is that his staff explained everything in an easy manner and answered all of our questions.  I can’t say enough about the work Coach Pratley and his staff did for us.  I have coached varsity football for 11 years and I’ve never been this excited about an upcoming season!”

John LongOffensive CoordinatorGarden Spot High SchoolPennsylvania