The Pistol Spread Option System

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What is the PSO?


The PSO (Pistol Spread Option) is not just a football offense, it is a philosophy!  Maximize Talent, Minimize Effort!  The system is a complete package.  If you are looking for a playbook, you have come to the wrong place.  The PSO is much more then that!  On this site you will find the playbook of course, but you will also discover what it takes to implement the plays, when and how to call the plays, what drills you will need to implement to make the system successful and so on.  This site is is designed to be a one stop resource for everything a coach will need to succeed using the system.  Share ideas, innovations, best practices, drills and much more with other coaches, and learn from each other.  Learn how to utilize tempo, and the No Huddle Play calling system.  Utilize the latest technology to help plan your games and practices.   If you are looking for the most simple, each to teach, and implement offense on the planet, then the PSO is for you!  However, don't let the simplicity fool you.  You will have the ability to run thousands of formations, personnel groups, and play combinations utilizing 4 simple blocking schemes, and well defined "rules" to teach your players!  Smoke and mirrors is the best way to describe the system.  We will run 10 plays 1,000 ways and keep the defense guessing!


It is HIGHLY recommended that you study the system in the order in which the links below are provided!  Start with the Pillars, work your way into the playbook, and then become familiar with how to teach the system, and then ultimately implement it.

The Pillars of the PSO

The PSO Playbook

Offensive Position Specific Information


Game and Practice Planner

The No Huddle System


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