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    Just order the Silencer Package we love it, will be using this package 75% of the time shifting in and out of. Do you feel we can build our base offense off this package?


    Christopher Hare

    Coach in my professional and honest opinion, I believe that the Silencer Package can and is its own offense. You can create a beast of a team with just that package. I have coached youth, High School, and Collegiately at Concordia with Pratley. Actually was very instrumental to get him to start the PSO Nation. You will be very pleased to run with the system and I actually would recommend ONLY installing the Silencer. Don’t even think about adding any wrinkles until it’s mastered. You will find that you won’t need to worry about specific defenses as you will be able to manipulate any front with the Silencer. Pratley and I have had numerous discussions about releasing it as a separate offense but chose not to. Hope this helps. I or Pratley can help you with a proper Install Scope and Sequence if needed. What age are your youth kids?



    We our a High School Varsity/JV Team


    Mark Heckendorf


    Coach Pratley helped me tremendously as I purchased the Silencer Offense DVD and this site is awesome. I had the same question as a previous coach regarding installing the Silencer. I am the head coach for a varsity team. I like to keep things simple and believe the Silencer does that. What install sequence do you recommend? I am planning on the Zone Read being our bread and butter.

    Coach Heckendorf


    Riki Valdez

    Does anyone have any HUDL film of their team using the silencer package?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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