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The Blocking Scheme

The PSO utilizes a "unique" blocking scheme.  There are 5 different Schemes that we teach to the offensive line in order to keep it simple!  There are two run blocking schemes and three pass blocking schemes.

The Run Blocking Schemes

The Running schemes consist of two main parts:  Zone and Power.  The system teaches players to learn both schemes and all of our offensive run plays will fit into these two simple schemes.

Modified Zone


Coach Pratley has always been a firm believer in the "KISS" principle.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  The modified zone scheme is exactly that, SIMPLE. It is an oversimplified version of today's Zone Blocking scheme with one major exception.  We don't teach the OL to lose ground!  Our philosophy is to gain ground on every play!

It is important that the Zone Blocking scheme is taught using "blocking rules."  The PSO has created the MODIFIED ZONE SCHEME O-LINE Guide to help implement the scheme.  It is strongly recommended that the scheme be implemented using the guide and the key language and terminology it contains.  Coach Pratley was a teacher for nearly 15 years, and is a firm believer in "Memory."  That includes Memorization of rules and Muscle Memory to train your body how to act in certain situations.  The Guide is put together to do just that, to teach Memory!

Once the Zone Blocking scheme has been mastered, it is easy to implement the other run blocking scheme, Power, because most of the rules are the same!


The Pass Blocking Schemes

The three Pass Blocking schemes are:  BOB (Big on Big), Slide, and Triangle.  Every pass play we run will utilize one of these three schemes.

BOB (Big on Big)

Slide Blocking Scheme

Triangle Blocking Scheme

The PSO Pass Protections are taught to call the right protection at the right time.  Each protection can be utilized in certain circumstances.   The footwork is easy, and the schemes are simple to remember.

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